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Online Guitar Lessons via Zoom

Whether you are brand new to the guitar, or wanting to expand on your existing skillset, we are here to help. We offer private online guitar lessons for students of all ages.

One of the greatest benefits of online lessons these days are all the new tools and resources that were not around even 10 years ago, and to be honest a lot of music stores and studios are not taking advantage of these tools like they could be! One of them being this website called “Soundslice”. It is a web based sheet music/guitar tab player/editor that works best as a practice tool to slow down and speed up sections of a song or exercise, loop as few or as many bars as you want, gradually speed up the tempo as you play a long, etc. It is a fantastic practice tool and as a student you will receive weekly access to this tool with sheet music/guitar tabs that are personally tailored to what you are currently learning. (songs, exercises, etc)

Here is a short overview video of how it works!

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In my opinion, it is very important to have an instructor for any skill that is capable of using the information that he or she is teaching in a practical and real world way. As a guitarist and lover of the instrument and music in general for 2 decades, I have studied music in many different aspects (songwriting, technique, recording, etc) so I use all of the methods and concepts that I teach on a daily basis and these are the very concepts that got me to the level I am at today, and I would love an opportunity to share them with you and hep you achieve your own goals!

This is my latest track titled “Lost In A Moment”.

Why Work With Us


Over 2 decades of experience.


A multitude of styles, concepts and techniques.

All Ages

Experienced in teaching all ages from 10 and up.


Graduated with honors from Atlanta Institute of Music and Media.

Weekly 30

30 minute weekly lesson
$ 115 /Monthly
  • Live Instruction
  • Recording of the lesson provided
  • Personalized practice notes (Guitar tab & standard notation in PDF and MP3 formats)
  • Access to (Guitar Tab/Sheet Music Player)

Weekly 60

60 Minute Weekly Lesson
$ 200 /Monthly
  • Live Instruction
  • Recording of Lesson Provided
  • Personalized practice notes (Guitar tab & standard notation in PDF and MP3 formats)
  • Access to (Guitar Tab/Sheet Music Player)

Client Testimonials

"AJ has been teaching my daughter guitar for the last few months. She loves to play and has improved tremendously since lessons began. Meeting via Zoom is so wonder because we don’t have travel time. Plus all the sessions are recorded to watch later. Thanks AJ for doing such a great job!"
Laura Davenport
"My daughter loves taking lessons with AJ. He has helped her develop her skills while playing the music that interests her and he really "gets" how to teach in an online format. Highly recommend!"
Kelly Baez
AJ is great. He is very personable and easy for my kids to relate to even over an iPad screen which I think is a talent in itself! He is very patient with both my boys. He isn’t just a good music teacher (which he is a wonderful musician) but he makes my kids want to learn music because of the way he enjoys it. He is great and we (me and my kids!) highly recommend him!
Anna Lifsey

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